Friday, September 5, 2008

Is your child a math genius?

Perhaps you might as well ask yourself the same question. You could be one.

To help you make sense of that question, here's a psycho-geometric test developed by Dr. Susan E. Dellinger. Phil Beadle, describes it " (as) a system which classifies everyone into one of five personality types according to a preference for one shape over another."

Beadle continues:
"Where this is of use for children is in terms of developing their own self-knowledge: being analytical about their own personality type so that they can be reflective about their reactions in certain situations. Anything that can help a child reach a higher level of self-awareness can only be of benefit for his development and for his performance when it comes to learning other things."
More here. Click the image below to take the test:

Would be nice to get your response in the comments below.

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At September 7, 2008 at 12:59 PM , Blogger Dr. Susan Dellinger said...

Thanks SO much for writing about my original work - the Psycho-GeometricsĀ® system. If you and your readers would like to know more about your SHAPE Style, please do not rely on Mr. Beadle's nanosecond version.
Instead, I invite you to visit our "official" website
- You may also take our validated online TEST at a 40% discount with my compliments. Just use my personal discount code "drsusan." ...Dr. Susan Dellinger, "Squircle"
Tampa, Florida


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