Monday, August 25, 2008

Oppositional children

In an article "Guide to body language cues in oppositional children" C. Davison writes that "Oppositional behavior is a normal part of children's growth. All children go through the stage where they like to try you on for size. They spread their wings and attempt to win arguements (sic). No becomes the most common word in their vocabulary. When this stage arrives, don't panic. It won't last, especially if you don't play into it."

I like this part: "Control of your temper is the most important thing. Humor is the second most important. If you approach an oppositional child with humor, chances are good you can cajole them out of their funk. I had a seven year old boy here two days ago and he was determined to keep his mother from having a conversation with me. He hung on her, and hugged her and draped himself around her on the chair until she started to get claustrophobic. I could see the change coming. Finally, she started asking him to stop. It was easy to see that he wasn't getting what he needed, because he was not letting up. I finally leaned over and said conspiratorily to his mother, "I think someone needs a smoochie attack!" She clued in right away, pinned him down and smothered him with kisses until he squealed for mercy.

More here.

I hope you learned something from this as much as I did.

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