Wednesday, August 27, 2008

On Intensity, Perfectionism and Stress

In a book titled, "A Parent's Guide to Gifted Children", James T. Webb et al note that:
"Sometimes, situations arise that are more than a gifted child -- or any child -- can reasonably be expected to handle. Illness, family hardships, bullying, and unfair expectations from others, are examples. Children sometimes find themselves in situations where there are no easy answers."
Don't know if you can relate to that, but I'm inclined to concede "unfair expectations from others", as one trigger in this episode. My son, inspired by art submissions of other kids in the show attempted a drawing which in the ordinary course of creative production should just wait for the final touches en route to scanning and uploading to the celebrity's website.

As "luck" would have it, his idea of a good piece of work clashed with mine. He wanted a fine black marker to highlight the initial pencil outlines of the cast of characters. Having found none, he tried to make do with a cheap ballpoint pen which true to form skipped at certain points and curves of his masterpiece. I offered a different approach and out of routine enthusiasm took matters into my hands by using my "fountain pen". Guess what happened?So his mom intervened by processing his thoughts about management of frustration. I guess it helps to have a motherly touch on tap.

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