Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Is too much reading bad for the brain?

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I did some Google search (as usual). Here's the link to the search results. (Nothing conclusive) -- You don't have to click on it. And I wouldn't even quote any of those.

But I'd much rather quote (with apologies) the following post from a friend in a homeschool group:
"Dr. Elkind, has the opinion that free play and unstructured learning will give kids under 6 the best start. This was because their cognitive capacities should dictate what they should be taught. In other words, if a three year old is eager to learn to read, then by all means teach him, but he should not be forced to tell the difference between confusing lower case letters (d, b, p, q) unless he wants to know."
Sauce for the goose ... I guess the point here is moderation. Golden mean. Rule of thirds. Informal balance, perhaps?

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