Sunday, September 21, 2008

How do you test for Intellectual Giftedness?

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Susan Hyde offers some answers. She identifies some typical traits:
  • Intense Sensitivity
  • Intensity of Interest
  • Rapid Learning
  • Advanced Vocabulary and Sense of Humor
  • Early Reading
  • Perfectionism
She then describes a variety of assessment approaches that may reveal specific areas of strength and weakness, twice exceptionality, and learning styles.

The bottomline seems to make sense, if you consider that traditional practices may be inadequate for a gifted child's appetite for "self-actualization":

"[G]ifted testing should be used to create individualized academic plans for students who need daily intellectual challenges in order to reach their potential.

Read more about Hyde's article here.

As to the traits, I'm a bit curious about "Sense of Humor". Marcel Marceau comes to mind. Perhaps being a comic artist could be a sensible career for some gifted children? Seriously.

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